LSC invented the world’s first sanitizing moisturizer over twenty years ago to protect lab scientists and medical healthcare workers from microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) in-between hand washing. We are now introducing a consumer product using the same technology but with new formulations for everyday use. Our products are alcohol-free because alcohol quickly evaporates, leaves your skin dry, and damages the environment. Our sanitizing moisturizer has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of microorganisms according to USP Industry standard test methods accepted by the FDA. Best of all, our products protect your hands from new germ exposure for 4+ hours in-between hand washing. Therefore, you can safely touch surfaces without having to constantly re-apply the product. Our uniquely formulated products use patented scientifically advanced Hydroxysomes® technology engineered to deliver moisturizing ingredients through the outer layer of the skin, where it can work from the inside out. LSC’s antimicrobial moisturizer keeps your hands safe and soft unlike any other product on the market.